'Public Enemy No.1' director David Bradbury

'The Edge Of The World' director Geoff Bennett

'The Great Mint Swindle' director Geoff Bennett

'Brock' (upcoming)



Midnight Oil all albums 1978- wrote, played

Neil Finn ‘Try Whistling This’; played, wrote and production

Fuzzface EP: wrote, played and production

Neil Murray ‘These Hands’ “Dust’ ‘The Wondering Kind’ ‘Witness’: production and played, mixing…various tracks through his career

silverchair Neon Ballroom b sides production

silverchair ‘Neon Ballroom’ and ‘Diorama’ played

Neil Finn ‘One Nil’; played

Suzy Flowers 'Hex' produced, played, recorded, mixed

Mick Hart ‘When The Flowers Bloom’  production, played

End Of Fashion ‘Rough Diamonds EP’ production, played, mixed

Sleepy Jackson 'Personality - One Was a Spider, One Was a Bird' played

Sarah Blasko 'Flame Trees' single (for the film 'Little Fish') co produced, played

78 Saab 'The Bells' Line' played

Angie Hart 'Eat My Shadow' played

Alex Lloyd 'Distant Light' played

Jim Moginie ‘Alas Folkloric’; wrote played produced recorded

Sarah Blasko ‘What the Sea Wants the Sea Will Have’; played, production

Sarah Blasko ‘Cinema Blasko’ EP; played, Radar editing

Kate Plummer ‘Home In The Crossing’ and ‘Leftover Sea’; played, produced, engineered

Paul Greene 'Reset' played

Howlin’ Wind ‘Great Ocean Road 2’: wrote, played, production, recorded, mixed

‘The Trip’: wrote, played, co produced

Jim Moginie and Howlin Wind ‘The Blessing’ : wrote, played, co produced

The Fauves ‘When Good Times Go Good’; co production, played

Jimmy Barnes ‘Hurt’ on ‘Caution Life Ahead; The Buttery benefit album’: produced, played

Kate Miller-Heidke ‘Curioser’; preproduction

Matt Joe Gow and The Dead Leaves 'The Messenger' played

The Backsliders ‘Left Field Holler’: mixed.

The Backsliders ‘Throwbacks’: recorded and mixed

Kasey Chambers ‘Carnival’; played

The Huckleberry Swedes ‘Suburban Dreaming’; produced, played, mixed

Jimmy Barnes ‘Out of The Blue’ : played

Bill Chambers ‘Drifting South’: played

Catherine Britt "Catherine Britt': played

Crow ‘Arcane’ : mixed

The Break ‘Church Of The Open Sky’: recorded, produced, wrote, co mixed and played

Dan Sultan and The Break 'Shark Attack': engineered played produced mixed

Dom Turner and Ian Collard 'Mama Thinks We're All Crazy Too': recorded, mixed and mastered

'Utes in the Paddock' wrote, recorded, played, mixed, mastered

Whitley 'Go Forth Find Mammoth' production assistance

Kasey Chambers ‘Little Bird’ : played

Shameless Seamus 'No Vans Mary': wrote, played, produced, co mixed

Alchemy 'One Thing Leads To Another' : engineered, mixed, played, co produced.

Jordan Leser EP: co produced, engineered and played

The Backsliders 'Starvation Box': engineered

The Backsliders 'Dark Side': engineered and played

Love Parade 'King Me' : recorded

The Break 'Space Farm' : co wrote, recorded, played, produced

Shameless Seamus And the Tullamore Dews 'Ballroom of Romance': produced, recorded, played, mastered

Blind Valley EP 'Blind Valley': recorded

Lyn Bowtell 'Heart Of Sorrow' played

Alex Lloyd 'Urban Wilderness': played

Neil Murray 'Thunder and Rain': played

Kate Plummer 'My Other Life': produced, played, arranged, co mixed

The New Christs 'Incantations': recorded

Leah Flanagan 'Everything' EP: recorded played and produced.

Labski: produced, engineered, mixed

Sarah Blasko 'Eternal Return': played

Dom Turner and Phil Wiggins 'Owing The Devil A Day's Work': recorded and mixed

Nick Littlemore and Craig Nicholls 'White Shadows': played

Kev Carmody 'Recollections...Reflections....(A Journey): played